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Marketing News

Time:2010-03-02 Article Source:

The experiment, which is on SUKAFeed CCL (liquid forms) and SUKAFeed CCP (solid forms) about fungicide for raising chicken in fermentation bed, achieved a complete success in our exclusive distributor in Chang Yi of Weifang City. This product is a new kind of micro-ecology active bacteria, which contains more than 80 kinds of microorganisms and without any hormone, antibiotics and side-effects. With characteristics of non-pollution, energy conservation, environmental protection, stable fermentation, rapid heating and effective deodorization, this products can be applied in the field of breeding production by raising chicken in natural ecological fermentation bed to improve the quality, value and yield of chicken meat and eggs and reduce the production cost. The successful experiment of this product will supply new technology to the industry of breeding chicken in fermentation bed. Our exclusive distributor in Chang Yi will commerce to ordering products from our company in these days and the successful development about this product in the market will bring considerable economic benefit to our company.

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