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New Progress on the South America Market

Time:2011-07-18 Article Source:

SUKAHAN has been exporting since its start in 2004, and has sold our products around the world, such as America, Southeast Asia, Australia, Europe, Korea, South America; however, this year we put emphasis on the South America market and has achieved great progresses recently. The experiment for the product “SKHZYE-DGM93 enzyme for stickies removal” in Mexico is quite successful, and the customer has already put orders on us, and will give order regularly. SKHZYE-DGM93 as a new hit product this year is reflected well from our customers, it has significant effects on stickes removal. This is a milestone for paper and pulp enzyme of SUKAHAN to enter the South America market.

In the meantime, the trial order for one of the biggest alcohol plant in Brazil went on very well and the customer has already put orders on us, which will add 14 containers’ order one year for us. We will never stop our way to provide good products and good services for our most respectable customers.