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Chinese feed industry meets at ZhengChang

Time:2011-08-24 Article Source:

The Grand Ceremony for the most influential large enterprises of China's animal husbandry and feed industry will be held in Shanghai at ZhengChang Machinery & Engineering Co. from 19-21 October.
The most influential business leaders in the Chinese feed industry and mainstream media will attend this event, representing about 90% of the countrys feed production.
By hosting the conference ZhengChang, China's largest feed manufacturer and engineering service provider, seeks to strengthen communication and liaison between the large-scale feed enterprises, government agencies, and enterprise internal investment parties to strengthen the cohesion and development of the China feed industry.
The meeting in 2010 was well attended.
The Ceremony of China Feed Industry Association is primarily for its members, which must meet specific criteria to be qualified as a large scale enterprise.
Large scale qualifications
Large-scale refers to the enterprise having industry influence and social responsibility, and meets one of the following conditions:
A.   Have a minimal annual production of compound feed of 150,000 tons or 40,000 tons of concentrates, or produce more than 10,000 tons of premixes, and 90% of production must be sold. Funding for R&D in technology should be at 1.5% of turnover.
B.    Have a minimal annual production of 20,000 tons of feed-grade lysine, 10,000 tons feed grade methionine, with 90% sale rate, and annual R&D investments of minimal 2%.
C.    Have a minimal annual production of feed-grade phosphate of 50,000 tons, with 90% sale rate and minimal R&D investments of 1.5%.
D.   Have an annual output of more than $100 million of feed grade vitamin production and R*D investments of no less than 2%..
E.    Annual output is over RMB 200 million ($32 million) of feed production, funding for technology development of annual sales should not be less than 2%.
F.     Have annual production of 150,000 tons of feed raw materials, sales rate of production of 90%, minimal funding for technology development of 1% of annual sales or enterprises with annual trade of more than RMB 200 million of feed materials.