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Aquaculture Industry
Over harvesting, pollution of our oceans and other factors has necessitated the need for aquaculture. To meet the increasing demands of the global seafood market, aquaculture business has expanded rapidly over the years. Shrimp farming for instance has grown from traditional, small-scale businesses in Southeast Asia into a global industry in a very short time. Aquaculture technology improved considerably in recent times and this has made sustaining the closed containment of saline, brackish or fresh water denizens a possibility. Improvements of artificial implements like mechanical aerators, filters, cage and farm designs have greatly helped aquaculture businesses. Knowledge of broodstock, correct feed and waste management, diseases, pathogens, etc. have also played critical roles in this ecologically sensitive habitat. The use of aquaculture enzymes has also become indispensable in the maintenance and productiveness of these aquatic environments.  They are now used in all stages of aquaculture development from hatcheries, nurseries to grow-outs. Enzymes are basically proteins that are produced naturally by plants, animals, bacteria, fungi and all other living things. They are absolutely necessary for life, aquatic or terrestrial, because they speed up chemical actions without altering themselves when at it.

Sukahan (Weifang) Bio-Technology Co., Inc. has produced enzymes and bacterial formulations that are derived from nature. These enzymes & Bacteria are not genetically engineered are now available in commercial quantity.  The progress and refinements in aquaculture technology have helped the business by lowering costs, increasing quality and quantity of production and at the same time making certain that it becomes more and more eco-friendly. Aquaculture will be an ever growing business now and in the future.